Packaging with bants

You know those products that have some dead banter on their packaging for a bit of fun? Does it make or break your day? (must be having a very shit day for it to break it) I know many people who love it when they see a little joke or informal direct address on product packaging, and then some absolutely hate it. Personally, I always end up rolling my eyes at it like lol mad cool bye, but it’s interesting seeing which companies choose to use this marketing strategy, and its clear who their target consumer is.


It doesn’t always have to be on physical packaging, for example on virgin trains there’s an announcement when you lock the toilet door, stating – ‘Please don’t flush nappies, sanitary towels, paper towels, gum, old phones, unpaid bills, junk mail, your ex’s sweater, hopes and dreams or gold fish down this toilet’ in a very monotone voice. I mean, if I was there sitting on the toilet listening to that I would start off by thinking ‘okay I’m not dumb’ and then as the list starts to get weirder I would probably giggle and frown at the same time?? It’s such an unexpected thing from a company like Virgin who are usually formal with everything. I think that was done for the sole purpose of getting attention rather than genuinely pleasing their customers, because it was bound to be recorded and put somewhere – which it was on twitter and youtube with just over 1k views.

Different age groups take to this idea differently, elderly people are more likely to laugh and younger people are more likely to be like ‘oh shut up’. It’s a smart idea to attract potential consumers, but I guess you have to make sure it’s appropriate for your brand/company.