Stop. Bloody. Appropriating.

Yep, it’s the one millionth post on appropriation, because clearly many people still aren’t getting the message.

Appropriation is the deliberate act of taking someone’s image/work/art without permission for their own use. There’s different kinds of appropriation, many people when they see this word think of cultural appropriation, so lets start off with that.

Cultural appropriation is a funny one, I used to feel very strongly about it and would loathe anyone seen doing it. But overtime I start to think, is it that deep? If someone is wearing a cultural piece of clothing/jewellery when they’re clearly not from that culture, isn’t is better that they’re appreciating it rather than making fun of it and being plain racist? See I think this but then I also remember, coming from an Indian background bindis are a huge cultural statement so seeing all these girls at festivals just casually wearing them I’m thinking wtf? If I wore it out and about I would get talked about and probably laughed at, but because a non-brown girl is wearing it, suddenly its cool and trendy? Those types of things are very frustrating, knowing that if you wore a piece of clothing or jewellery from your own cultural heritage, its laughed at but someone else can wear it and its automatically the latest trend.

One thing I don’t understand is non black people having dreads?? YOUR HAIR IS NOT MADE FOR IT MOULD LITERALLY GROWS IN THE DREADS BECAUSE YOUR HAIR CAN’T HACK IT. And box braids, I’ve witnessed myself many black people being made fun of because of their hairstyles, but now you see a couple of celebrities like Kylie Jenner wear it and now it’s cool? Mad.


Speaking of celebrities, they are the worst for cultural appropriation. For example Miley Cyrus, she seems to have snapped out of it now but remember her phase of being all hip hop, wearing dreadlocks, oh and people want to say she started twerking? No she introduced (very bad) twerking to white America, that’s all. Also Iggy Azealia – she is just one big mess, the girl wrote a huge caption on Instagram asking why she shouldn’t be able to say the N word and that it’s less racist if it ends with ‘er’. Bruh. Azealia has a past with racism, so why is her ‘Bounce’ music video set in India with her dancing around in a red lengha? Did the look of it just appeal to her and suddenly all her racist comments don’t matter anymore??


I’m sure many of you wearing bindis, tikkas (the piece of jewellery that goes across your parting) and naths (the huge nose rings) are wearing them without any bad intentions. I know I said earlier that it’s not THAT deep, but it’s frustrating knowing that if POC actually wore all this cultural jewellery out and about so casually then it would be mocked. They are not just little cute festival accessories. What are your thoughts on appropriation? Especially POC, does it frustrate you knowing that your culture is becoming a ‘cool’ trend now in fashion?